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Why Repairing Asphalt Is Important

Asphalt repairs are necessary to extend the life of your surface before it begins to wear and break down as it is repeatedly exposed to elements such as water, sunlight and chemicals.

Two primary reasons why your parking lot should always be in good condition:

First, keeping your parking lot in good condition for both vehicle traffic and foot traffic is important to the aesthetics of your business. A clean, well maintained parking lot makes a good impression on those who visit your business. Good upkeep of the physical appearance, including parking lot repairs sets the stage for everything else.

The second reason to make sure repairing asphalt is a priority is a legal one. Any personal injury accidents such as a trip-and-fall or damage to a vehicle might be grounds for a lawsuit. If a pothole or other asphalt hazard leads to an injury, the owner and management company can be held financially responsible for substandard pavement conditions. However, the opposite can hold true as well – if you can demonstrate that attention to timely asphalt repairs has been done, this can help your defense against any such lawsuits.

As the pavement ages, the more likely you will be faced with repairing asphalt in your parking lot. Surface breaks of any kind allow moisture below the surface, where it undermines the integrity of the pavement. The liquid asphalt that binds the materials together begins to lose its natural resistance to water, allowing it to penetrate beneath the surface. Once this occurs the pavement can quickly fall prey to several different types of deterioration including cracks and potholes. Asphalt repairs and prevention will increase the longevity of any asphalt surface. Sealing asphalt cracks can also be beneficial.

Avoid Costly Replacement

Before you experience a costly asphalt replacement, have an experienced asphalt contractor walk your parking area and make an assessment. Keeping up with regular parking lot maintenance, sealcoating, and filling potholes can help avert costly damage and repairs.

Whether you are a facility manager for a hospital, shopping center, grocery store, apartment complex, school, big box store, arena, or other venue, asphalt repairs should be part of your parking lot maintenance plan. It just takes minutes to have a professional paving contractor walk your parking area and make recommendations – those minutes can sometimes save you thousands.

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