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Nilsson Construction can undertake projects of any size from a straightforward asphalt driveway to a shopping center parking lot. We are also happy to tackle different paving jobs or specialty paving projects such as municipal bike paths, residential developments, and other projects that require an ability to think and plan outside the box.

Asphalt is an amazing material that can be adapted by a skilled paving crew for jobs from simple driveways and footpaths to heavy use in commercial parking lots and road surfaces where high wear and tear are the norms. Asphalt is the material chosen for more parking lots and driveways than any other nationwide because it is cost-effective, durable and maintainable. We are experts in carefully planning for the anticipated use, building the right drainage, putting in a solid base, and adjusting the thickness and consistency of the asphalt being used so you can be confident you will get a durable and cost-effective paving project.

Regardless of the nature of work, the foundation upon which any construction project is built is of the utmost importance. An asphalt or concrete pavement is only as strong as the granular material that it sits on. Since this structure is so important, the excavation and base preparation aspect of our business is critical in delivering a quality product. Using this same process, we can also create a gravel pad for parking RVs, boats, ATVs or anything else you would need the space for.

Asphalt Repair & Care

We offer a variety of options to keep your driveway looking good and working safely. A well-made and maintained driveway is not only a value enhancement of your property but also helps maintain your property by keeping water from pooling near your house’s foundation and causing leaks and other problems. Turn to Nilsson Construction if you have questions or concerns about your driveways state of health.

  • Asphalt patching:

We live in an area where the temperature swings from +30 to -30 in a year, and we have rain and large amounts of snow to deal with. When water freezes, it expands and enlarges any small cracks that even in the best paving job will occur after years of wear and tear. When the ice forms in or under the pavement it expands, and when it melts, a void is left. Surrounding pavement falls into the void, and after repeated occurrences, it eventually forms a pothole or cracks. Patching is more than just throwing loose asphalt into a pothole and stomping it down. Our experts will carefully analyze the cracks and holes they find and will, if required, professionally cut out the damaged asphalt, repair the base layers, and put in new asphalt that will look great and last.

  • Asphalt Resurfacing:

Sometimes the damage is done by long term use, inadequate drainage, heavier than expected vehicles compacting the surface, or lack of adequate maintenance results in severe cases of asphalt damage. Often a good long-term is to resurface the asphalt pavement (also referred to as overlay). If after a heavy rain, or spring melt, you notice grade depressions indicated by large puddles of standing water on the pavement, and large sections of “alligator” asphalt – cracks resembling an alligator’s skin, it is time to talk to one of our experts about having your pavement resurfaced. We offer complete asphalt removal and resurfacing services.

  • Crack Sealing:

You can extend the life of your asphalt parking lot or pavement and in some cases, you can double the surface life expectancy by sealing asphalt cracks promptly. Nilsson Construction’s professional and skilled crews are experts in identifying problem areas and determining how best to fix them before they lead to expensive and occasionally irreparable damage. We use only the finest sealing materials and repair equipment to help ensure your total satisfaction.

To the human eye, a new layer of shiny blacktop or smooth cement appears watertight and well-sealed. Water molecules, however, are amazing at finding even the smallest cracks. Moisture that penetrates these small cracks generally ends up running off via the installed drainage, but sometimes small pools form under the pavement layer, or even in the crack, and sometimes the water freezes, which of course causes it to expand and push the crack open wider, allowing in even more moisture.

Effective crack sealing starts by thoroughly cleaning out the cracks of dirt, leaves and other junk that inevitably gets into the crack. Once clean, a hot-apply, rubberized crack filler is inserted into the exposed cracks. Hot filler is poured into the cracks and seeps in everywhere to fill and seal the crack. The fit and finish is superior to stuffing in cold crack filler materials and is thus our preferred method. When cool and hardened inside the crack, an excellent seal is formed preventing further moisture penetration.

  • Seal Coating:

The most common things that drive the need to seal coat a driveway or parking lot are natural aging and damage done by things such as sun exposure/ UV light, and water erosion. Seal coating is a great way to maximize the life of an otherwise sound parking lot or driveway that is showing some signs of age. Just as putting sunscreen and moistening cream on the skin helps it look younger and work better, seal coating helps preserve and maintain your asphalt.

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