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Living in the Peace Country we have our fair share of abusive weather. As a result, parking lot striping (or line painting) takes a beating, and regular replacement or maintenance is a necessity to keep things looking sharp and safe.

Outdoor parking lots, pathways and curb work require re-striping every 2-4 years depending on volume and type of traffic. Indoor parkade parking, factory floors, and related surfaces may last longer.

As with everything we do, quality starts with having the right team with the right expertise. Our managers have done countless projects and are used to working in situations where they need to work around your business realities. Maintaining partial accessibility and making sure your customers are safe and cared for is second nature for our team. We have our own commercial-grade equipment and are well trained in using it. Our paints and other material are high-quality industrial grades and will withstand the realities of local weather conditions. Our work will stand up to the test of time.

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